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Message from desk of Management

“Dear customers and business partners thank you for taking the time to visit us on our website. Ayurveda can be considered as most ideal system of treatment for various ailments particularly where surgery is not required.

The salient feature of ayurvedic medicines are – safe, non toxic and harmless as they are prepared using ingredients mainly derived from various medical herbs referred in authentic journals and approved by government authority.

Onus Zaneka situated in Haridwar has excess of best of herbs available as Uttarakhand is being one of the top states in producing various medical herbs.

Ayurveda is helpful to boost immune power, rejuvenation and is very effective in Asthma, Diabetes, Piles, Stress and many more.

At Onus Zaneka we manufacture wide range of innovative products for healthcare and wellness (comprising capsules, oils, tablets and syrups.). Onus Zaneka is a manufacturer of Ayurvedic products at very affordable price.

We believe that our success is largely due to our philosophical credos “We endeavor to see god through service of humanity”. Our values extend to all of our relationships with customers, employees and business partners.

I hope you all will keep continuing to be the part of our success.”

Lalit Mohan Batra
(Onus Zaneka)