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Food - Capsules/Tablets

Sr. No. Product Name Composition Packing Pack Size MRP
1 ALLOVIT GOLD CAP. CAP.sules of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Green Tea Extract,
Ginkgo Biloba, Grape Seed Extract,
Antioxidants, Vitamin, Minerals & Trace Elements
Blister 1x10 150.00
2 ALLOVIT-L CAP. Antioxidant CAP.s with Lycopene+Vitamins + Green tea extract Blister 1X10 90.00
3 BENLACT CAP. Lactic Acid Bacillus with Vitamin B-complex CAP. Blister 1x15 54.00
4 SPARTATE-LPS CAP. L-Ornithine L-Aspartate 150 mg +
Pancreatin 100 mg + Silymarin 140MG +
Blister 1X15 180.00
5 CLIPTOZAN CAP. For Hair Fall & Grey Hair Blister 1x10 229.00
6 COHESIVE CAP HadJod Cap. Blister 1X10 155.00
7 DIBOZAN FORTE CAP Anti Diabetic Cap. HDPE Box with Carton 1X30 288.00
8 ELEVEN-PM CAP. Aphrodisiac, stimulant and for youthful vigor and vitality. Plastic Mini Vial 1X1 45.00
9 IMMTOTAL CAP. Boost immunity syp also useful in post operative recovery Blister 3X10 75.00
10 LIVERRY FORTE CAP. For Liver Dysfunctions HDPE Box with Carton 1X30 179.00
11 PAPCARI CAP Useful in Dengue fever, cough and cold,muscular stiffness
during fever also increases platelet count
Blister 1X10 175.00
12 SMASH CAP. For Effective & Safe Management of Kidney Stones Blister 1X15 105.00
13 STRESSONIL CAP Useful In Mental Stress Blister 1x10 60.00
14 ZEROPILE CAP Cap. For Piles,Fisher and Fistula Blister 1x15 120.00