Reduces Discomfort…..Treat Piles


Zeropile capsule is trusted and tested medicine for bleeding and dry piles.Zero pile shrink the pile mass and helps in healing the fissure.Zero pile has effective ingredients like Neem Chhal,Triphla,Kutki etc which make this medicine effective for pile and prevent anorectal itching and burning.

Useful For

  • Bleeding piles
  • Dry piles
  • Itching
  • Prolapsed rectum
  • Fistula

Dosage- 1-2 capsules twice a day


  • Prevents inmate bleeding and related congestion
  • Shrinks the pile mass and helps in healing the fissure
  • Reduce hemorrhoids
  • Prevents anorectal itching and burning
  • Induces laxative action

Key ingredients- Neem chhal,Neem seed,Triphla,Kutki,Chitrak,Babool,Amaltas,Hiradhokhi,Rasot,Purified guggul.