Ensure Healthy Liver

Hepazan provides comprehensive liver protection and optimizes liver health and function. It combines a superior form of herbs and antioxidants to nourish support and provide total protection for your liver. Each ingredient was chosen by a physician for its specific liver enhancing benefits. Hepazon work well in hepatic disorder, cirrhosis of live, indigestion and anorexia. Hepazon improve appetite and helps in regenerating liver cells.


Useful For-

  • Hepatic disorder
  • Cirrhosis of liver
  • Indigestion
  • Anorexia

Dosage- 2 Teaspoonful twice a day


  • Improves appetite
  • Helps to regenerate liver cells
  • Ultimate detoxifier
  • Cures liver enlargement and inflammation caused by antibiotics, toxic and alcohol

Key Ingredients- Bhrangraj,Pitpara,Haritiaki,Bhujamla,Revendchini,kalmegh,Kutki,Giloi,Kansi,Daruharidra,Amalki,Haridra,Punarnava,Chitrak,Vavidang