Optimizes Bone Health

Cohesive is effective for increasing the healing rate of fractured bone, reduces pain Associated with bones and joints. Coheshive increase the strength of bones without any side effects and it has effective anti inflammatory action. Cohashive capsule can be taken trice a day on regular basis for bone health.

Dosage- 1-2 cap should be taken thrice a day or 5-10ml syrup twice a day


  • Increases healing rates in fractures
  • Effective anti-inflammatory action
  • Reduce pain associated with bones and joints
  • Stimulates osteoblastagenesis

Ingredients of Capsule- Jethi Madhu,Arjun,Majeeth,Harjori

Ingredients of Syrup- Hadjod,Arjun,Ashwagandha,Bala,Mukth Shukti Pisti