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For Extra Power…Time…Performance

Amative is tested and trusted medicine to promote youthful vigor and vitality. Amative is made with herbs like Akarkara, Mastangi, Salam Panja etc which is useful in impotency, tiredness and helps in increasing the sperm count. Amative is powerful aphrodisiac.

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Optimizes Bone Health

Cohesive is effective for increasing the healing rate of fractured bone, reduces pain Associated with bones and joints. Coheshive increase the strength of bones without any side effects and it has effective anti inflammatory action. Cohashive capsule can be taken trice a day on regular basis for bone health.

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Natural way for fresh life

Anberry provides relief from discomfort in urinary tract infections and cystitis causing itching, burning, becteriuria etc. Cranberry is effective against bladder infection, aging effect and boosts immunity. Cranberry contains strong anti oxidants and enriched with vitamin C, B6 and A.

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Trusted Partner in Diabetes

Dibozan is an effective medicine for controlling diabetes naturally. It helps in achieving better control over blood sugar and increase the secretion of insulin from pancreas. Dibozan has antihyperglycemic action. It helps in reducing weakness, exhaustion, tension and other complications caused by diabetes.

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Natural way to boost Platelets Count

Pepcari is a panacea for dengue, Maleria and swine flu. Papcari is very effective in disease cause by low platelets, it quickly replenishes platelets. Pepcary is also helpful for the patients who is undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy and have immunomodulatory action.

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For Calm and Relaxation

Stressonil is an ayurvedic remedy for anxiety, depression, stress and insomnia. Stressonil improves the nervous system of brain. Stressonil have medically proven herbs like Tagar,shankh pushpin,Brahmi etc for improving overall brain health and it is non habit forming.

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Reduces Discomfort…..Treat Piles

Zeropile capsule is trusted and tested medicine for bleeding and dry piles.Zero pile shrink the pile mass and helps in healing the fissure.Zero pile has effective ingredients like Neem Chhal,Triphla,Kutki etc which make this medicine effective for pile and prevent anorectal itching and burning.

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The goldastic goodness

Allovit gold capsule is enriched with omega 3 fatty acid, green tea extract, ginkgo biloba, grape seed extract, antioxidants, minerals and trace elements. Allovit Gold improves lipid profile by inhibiting lipid biosynthesis enzymes and regulates inflammatory mediators release.

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Allovit –L is an ayurvedic capsule enriched with antioxidant, lycopane, vitamins and green tea extracts.Allovit-L works for autoimmune, cardiovascular disorder and chronic fatigue/pain. Allovit L improves overall health of body.

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