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Best Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

During the summer, if you do not take proper precautions, you can put yourself at risk of heat illnesses. No matter if you are inside or outdoor, you have to be aware of the heat and humidity and what consequences it will have on your body. If you take proper precautions to prevent heat sickness, you’ll have no problem keeping cool in the summertime.

Stay away from the Sun 

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Plan some of your time of the day being indoor Every home does not have air conditioning, yet if you plan your day according to the outside temperature then you can probably avoid the sun heat and spend time with your loved ones at home comfortably. 


Stay under shade- Even if you are outside, don’t spend prolonged amount of your time without shade. Sit under the tree for a while. Being under trees, umbrellas, tents, sheds, or canopies are all great places to relax in the shade during the summertime. So, make sure you are using optimum use of these soothing places to relax your mind and body. 


Hydrating yourself is necessary 

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Drink water in every 15 minutes- You should intake 6-12 ounces of water after every 15 minutes during the summer days. Proper consumption of water in a day helps your body to remain hydrated in summer days when you tend to sweat a lot which results in loss of sodium from your body. 


Avoid caffeine consumption- Caffeinated drinks, such as coffee, tea, and soda are harmful for your hydration as they drain water from your body. It’s not necessary that you have to completely cut off these beverages from your diet but yes limiting yourself to such drinks is definitely advised. 


Go easy during the Heat 

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Wear light colored clothing – These will absorb less heat in your body thereby avoiding  body temperature from rising. Light colored cloths allow your body to absorb more air and hence keep you cool. 


Wear the right fabrics- Clothes made with lightweight material are the best choice if you want to keep yourself cool. When you’re at beach or even at home perhaps you can have a choice of wearing minimal clothes but when you’re running out in a public place or at work, you should wear materials like linen, cotton or any other breathable fabric. You should also wear clothes which are loose and breezy during summers. 


Choose cotton bedding- At home, go for cotton bed sheets and cushion covers for your bed as the body temperature has a tendency to increase when you are asleep and not all the homes have air conditioning. Hence to keep your body temperature under control, you should ideally go for cotton bedding during the summer season. 



Ideally, you can make the best of your summer time if you keep these simple points in your mind and plan up your day. Nurturing your body and mind should be your topmost priority. Summer time is the best time to enjoy with your friends and family outdoors, hence stay protected from the heat so that you can go out and plays. 


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